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L’age Thailand
Slogan: innovative beauty from natural

Core Values

  • Consumer centric
  • Responsive Deliver quality and accept Continuous improvement
  • Innovation, Cost and Productivity
  • Demonstrate Dependability and Reliability
  • Stay Focused and provide Value to consumer and social

Product Story by Black Snail & Black Rose
In ancient Greece, snails were used as a topical treatment for inflammation, and today snail mucin is also harvested in places like France and touted as one of the secrets to the effortless beauty of Italian women. Because beyond all the perceived weirdness of snail slime and the usual questions about whether any specific beauty product truly holds the answer to ageless and perfect skin,

The snail mucin in this essence is also processed to leave your skin tacky, a feeling many Korean skin care fans love, without being unpleasantly sticky.

As Korea, Japan beauty products have become more visible in the US, sold at a variety of price points in places like Sephora, Target, CVS, and Nordstrom, so too have snail creams. Made using snail mucin, the slime is collected, typically processed into a filtrate, and then formulated into the final product

This is results from snail mucin to were used as a secret treatment for inflammation by L’age booster Skin care

What we are differentiation?

L’age products concern to all sensitive skin by natural secret treatment ingredient. We are seriously any resource and test with men and women by 20-45 ages are sensitive skin they are appreciated after 7 days used L’age products boost up skin bright

Brand Story  “L’age Thailand”
With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to say that we are recognized by international brands for our quality performance, a proven 5-year track record in the industry

We maintain the quality and safety of the products based on Quality Management System to meet our customer satisfaction and compliant to legislation requirement

We emphasize in efficiency and continual improvement in processing, formulation, advanced machinery and research instrumental to meet the challenging market.

We are a professional cosmetic manufacturer with a Creative, Innovative and dedicated Research team continuously being updated with the latest market trend, technological advancement and regulation in product development.

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